Things to Consider Before Choosing a Theme

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Before you dive into choosing a perfect theme for your website, imagining what colors you will make it, how many columns you will add and what images you will upload, we suggest you do a little brainstorming. Ask yourself about the purpose of your website, the audience you’ve created it for, and the goals of the blog you are writing. Although seemingly irrelevant to your site’s interface, in reality your choice of a theme should be governed by the answers to these questions.

Consider this: what have you created your website for? That is, do you wish to include corporate branding, for instance? If so, you should make sure the logo is distinct and comprehensible, as well as harmonious to other elements of your style, so it is best that you choose a color palette that enhances it appropriately.

If your site is made for business purposes, you need to ensure that the graphic layout you choose truly communicates the message to your target audience. You should take your audience’s expectations as a starting point, and develop your site’s design off that. After all, it may not be the best idea to sell Christmas ornaments on the site designed to resemble a haunted house.

Or maybe you plan on using your new website as a blog, in which you intend to share your thoughts and ideas with the world? Then, you should aim for a less sophisticated theme that will reflect your personality best, and show your readers who you really are and what you think.

To be successful, you have to think successful. This means, you are to understand what will motivate your target audience to keep visiting your website and choosing your services. For this reason, your site has to appeal to people, fulfill their expectations while still being creatively different. Hence, you are to understand what your clients want, and what is it that attracts them. This should be an axis all your theme elements (such as font styles, colors, information structure and media presentation) will later revolve around.

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Keep Up With the Times – Make Your Theme Responsive

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Nowadays, the Internet is no longer associated solely with PCs. Instead, a growing number of people use smartphones and tablets, which are super convenient to carry around, and which grant you access to the web virtually anywhere you go. The problem is, a large number of websites are still not meant to be displayed on the smaller tablet or smartphone screen, so the content of these sites is really hard to read. We bet you don’t want to lose your readers because of that, so the best way to fix this issue is to make your theme responsive.

Put simply, you need to make your site adjust itself to fit into any screen size. The crucial component of making your theme mobile friendly is creating an appropriate layout. We suggest you make a sketch of your theme in three screen sizes – one for a desktop computer, one for a tablet, and, finally, one for a phone or any other handheld device. This way, you can organize the theme structure to look uncontrived, while being completely comfortable to work with.

Most importantly, you have to make the sidebar move to the bottom to be shown under the content yet above the footer when your theme is displayed on smaller screens, and float to the left for large screens. To make such changes, you should access the style.css file and change the code accordingly, adding the media queries to the bottom of the file. Also, you can improve readability by changing font styles, or adjust colors and backgrounds to match new page organization.

It is always best that you have an elaborate plan before you actually start making changes. We recommend you to keep track on the mobile devices that are now being used, so your changes are of current interest. Remember, the more flexible and responsive you make your theme, the better it will work and look across different devices.

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